About us

Welcome to Mukkam Muslim Orphanage

Mukkam Muslim Orphanage was established in 1956 admitting 22 orphans. Now it has flourished in to an institutional complex containing schools, colleges and professional institutions. The prime aim of the committee is to equip each inmate capable of standing on his feet acquiring modern as well as religious education along with acquiring expertise in any professional or vocational trade. At present more than 300 orphans and destitute are undergoing education. They are provided with all facilities such as food, accommodation, clothes, medical treatment, learning materials, etc at free of cost. Some of the inmates are having neither father nor mother nor near relations. The orphanage committee puts up houses for them as part of their rehabilitation and arranges the marriage of the girls also.

About 100 of the alumni work in different categories in the aided institutions under the management and many works in govt. Services as well in gulf countries. One of our Alumni Mr. Muhammed Ali Shihab had secured the 226th rank in 2010 Civil Service Examination.

At present a few inmates are studying outside Kerala also under full expense and control of the orphanage management (Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu etc.).

This orphanage won the award for the `best orphanage` from the president of India in 1982 & 2008 competing with various institutions run by different religions across the country. This award was conferred taking in to account of the contribution of the orphanage in the field of education and rehabilitation of the inmates.

The Mohammedan Educational Association, Calicut provides a Foundation Award every year in memory of Janab Kunhammad koya sahib, to an educational institution which gives more contribution to the society during 2009, this Award was won by our orphanage.

The orphanage has also received the Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award in Delhi on 04.09.2012.

The committee runs 27 institutions for achieving the proposed goal.