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"And bring money for His love to those who are kin,
to the orphan, and to the needy..."
The Holy Quran Surah Al-Baqarah:aya 177
Mukkam Muslim Orphanage
Recipient of national award for child welfare in 1982 and 2008.
The Mukkam Muslim Orphanage was started functioning in 1956 with22 orphans. The services of MMO as a safe and secure shelter forthose children, who come here from the lower strata of society, is well known and hailed by various religious as well as government organizations. Orphans and destitutes always remain as a major problem to all societies throughout the world. Realizing this fact, the pious pioneers of Mukkam Muslim Orphanage visualized a fruitful future for those who happen to be enrolled here as inmates by the grace of Allah. Serving the poor, innocent destitutes and orphans were considered to be the noblest thing a man can do in his life. That was the ultimate aim which prompted them to start this orphanage. The greatest recognition for the services of this institution was from the President of India in 1982 for the Best Orphanage. There is another milestone in the history of MMO, now it is once again recognized as the Best Orphan age in the National level for the year 2008 in India.         More
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