The followings are the requisites for the admission.
  • The application forms are available from the office, filled application forms along with the required certificates has to be submitted in the office directly.
  • An orphan is given admission from first class to 7th class, wherein the admission for a non orphan is from 1st to 6th standard only.
  • The preference is given to the orphans
  • The applicant’s family annual income should not exceed more than Rs.1100
  • The age limit of an orphan is up to 13 wherein a non orphan can have only 12 years of age at the time of admission
  • If there is any long lasting disease for the child, it should be brought to the notice of the authority
  • To make sure whether the applicant is orphan or a destitute, a witness certificate of the Mohall committee president or secretary should be enclosed along with the application. If the child is an orphan a photocopy of the death certificate of father from panchayath office must also be submitted
  • The transfer certificate from the school or madressa can be brought only after the selection and only on the demand by the authority
  • To join to first class the original copy of his birth certificate must be brought
  • Two passport size photos must be brought along with the TC
Admission Form