Developmental activities

The orphanage opened its door in the year 1956 and had a humble begning with 22 orphans, has realized enormous growth over the years. Today caring for more than 1100 orphans and destitutes MMO perhaps is one of the largest in the counry and become a model to be emulated by similar ventures.

Apart from providing quality education the inmates are being provided with Hostel accommodation, food, clothing, medical care, and also vocational training. The orphanage offers spiritual education along with material education.

Inmates who display academic caliber are given full support to pursue higher studies in the higher learning institutions under the management or elsewhere.

Inmates with required qualifications are being employed in the orphanage or the institution run by the management. Presently 50 of them are working in the orphanage and another 60 are employed in other institutions run by the management including aided ones.

The management arranges to obtain passport and driving license to those who have attained the age of 18. Every year the orphanage distributes free tools and equipments for TTC and Tailoring students, the orphanage committee also gives 6 cent of land and a house for the students who are devoid of their parents

Quiet a significant service done by the management is that it helps in marrying off some of its girls inmates. Land and Houses are also provided for some who step in to their family lives.

The orphanage management has left a mark in the education sector as well as both in material and spiritual. Presently the management having 28 institutions, which includes the M.A.M.O College in Manassery. This indeed has immensely contributed to the development of the Malabar region.

The management is giving its share in to philanthropic services too. For the last 10 years it has been providing free food to patients who flock Mukkam Government Health Centre. It also holds free medical camps occasionally which has been of great help to many people in the neighborhood.

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